Get Maximum Benefits From A Yoga Session By Taking Your Shower Before The Practice

We have all heard of the benefits of yoga and when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can do wonders to our body. Some of us even practice yoga on a regular basis to maintain good health of our organs. Most of us do our yoga routine and then take bath and get ready for work.

However, very few of us know that taking bath right before your yoga practice can really accentuate its benefits. All traditional yoga teachers encourage us to bathe approximately 30 minutes before our yoga session and not after. This is because yoga makes our body release some oils which can nourish our skin, bathing after the session can remove those oils and deprive our skin cells from receiving those benefits.

If we add CBD bath bombs to our bath before we start our yoga practice, it can increase the amount of relaxation that our body will then experience during our yoga session. You can double your relaxation buy including CBD gummies for sleep. These work like miracles after a long session of yoga.

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Ways to increase the benefits of our yoga practice

Adding some routine to our practice of yoga asanas can be really beneficial to our health. Follow some simple steps to get the maximum out of your yoga sessions:

  • Do not practice yoga on full stomach. If you are not a morning person, wait for a minimum of 2 hours after your last meal to perform the asanas.
  • Do not immediately eat or take shower after a session, wait for half an hour.
  • The best time to practice yoga is when the sun is rising or during sunset.
  • Empty your bladder and clear your intestines before your yoga session especially during if you perform yoga first thing in the morning.
  • A warm relaxing bath can loosen stiff muscles and joints which can give the flexibility required for performing various asanas.
  • Practice some breathing exercises before moving on to different yoga postures.
  • Avoid sudden movements while translating from one posture to another, instead gradual disarming after each yoga position is recommended.
  • Focus on using different muscle groups during each of your yoga session and do not give up due to fatigue in the very beginning of any session.
  • Remember, it takes time for the muscles to warm up and blood to start flowing naturally when we first wake up. Give it a few minutes and the asanas will start feeling a lot easier.
  • Close your eyes and practice deep breathing between two different yoga asanas.
  • Follow your yoga session with 20 minutes of yogic relaxation to let your organs get full benefits from the yoga.

You can also teach basic yoga positions to your children. This will help them in imbibing a healthy habit early in the childhood and will fasten their mental, physical, and emotional growth. Make them practice easy to attain postures and use their toys to teach them. This will keep them interested in the practice. Stay healthy and stress free with regular yoga practice.


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