List of Classic and Stylish Gold Bangle Designs to Suit Every Occasion and Outfit

Bangles are a crucial ornament that every Indian woman wears. Bangles are believed to be a sign of ‘Suhaag’ for married women. Bangles have been an indivisible portion of Indian culture. Bangles have equal significance in Indian wedding tradition, albeit the geographical boundaries.

Would-be-brides choose gold bangles to wear on their wedding day or even other functions as it symbolizes happiness and prosperity. In terms of pricing diamond and gold bangles online are very expensive but today it has entered the fashion arena, thus increasing its wearable value. Some modern gold bangles designs that can be used for a variety of occasions are given below.

Kerala gold bangle

Simple, subtle, stylish and glamorous Kerala gold bangles are suitable for ethnic celebrations. Your hands will feel happier when adorned with these broad and delicately designed gold bangles.

Uncut diamond bangles

Uncut gold diamond bangles are available in a variety of styles and are an ideal accessory in your jewellery box. Every diamond is embedded in gold and offers a casual but traditional look to stylish attire.

Emerald gold bangles

Emerald gold bangles look classical yet can be worn with party wears and casual outfits. These green-coloured bangles look unique and teens can look elegant wearing the emerald gems.

Uncut ruby stone bangles

Ruby stones embedded in gold within an intricate design are best to be included in a wedding collection. This bangle is a perfect match for formal and casual suits. It also looks more exclusive than other bangles in your collection.

Ornate gold bangles

Ornate gold bangles suit girls and women alike. Their outfit gets a good boost. It is light in weight and can be adorned at any kind of occasion.

Green and red enamelled bangles

Green and red enamelled bangles look trendy, even if worn daily. The design looks simple but sophisticated and elegant.

Studded peacock gold bangles

Peacock designs are traditional and available in a kada form. You can opt for one or a pair of studded peacock wide gold bangles.

Office wear bangles

Indian women are working ladies and need trendy bangles to be worn at the office. Rope designed office wear bangles are an apt choice because the design is smooth and will not hinder them when they work.

Broad kada bangles

Broad kada bangles designed with maroon coloured stones and intricate gold design gives an elegant look to any bridal outfits or sarees. The width is larger than normal bangles and the flower shape work in maroon offers the kada an impressive look.

Gold Bengali bangles

Bengali bangles have red beads in the end. It is a tradition that Bengali brides wear these on their wedding day.

Kappu style bangles

Important personnel in South India wear kappu. It is regarded as their dignity. The kappu has a lion-shaped clasp that offers the bangle a majestic look. The lustrous gold gives the bangle an elite look when worn with South Indian sarees.

In India, women wear gold jewellery to heighten their elegance and beauty. Wearing bangles is still a vibrant tradition followed throughout India. The Internet has made it possible to look at the variety of gold bangle designs online before buying. Make sure that you buy gold bangles from reputable online jewellers.

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