Mistakes To Avoid To Pass Your Practical Driver’s Test

There are so many reasons why you should learn driving. It gives you the freedom to travel around without depending on others or the public transport services. Moreover, you can also save money by avoiding expensive taxis and you can travel any time that suits you. However, you will need a driving licence if you want to drive on the public roads.

Driving licence ensures that you have obtained permission to drive legally on public roadways. If you are stopped by the police, the first thing they ask you is your driver’s licence. To obtain your licence in Australia, you need to pass the driver’s knowledge test which is a theory based multiple-choice type quiz.

Once you pass the theory test, there will be hazard perception test to check your skills on pinpointing and responding to dangerous situations while driving. Finally, there will be the practical driving test where an observer will sit with you to check your driving skills. This could be intimidating for many learner drivers and is the reason for failing the test.

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Here some common mistakes to avoid failing in your practical test.

Practice Well

Choose the instructor who is well experienced to ensure that you pass in your first attempt itself. If you learn driving from your parents, they may not know all the nuances even if they are good drivers. Getting enough practice from the actual driving instructors help avoid mistakes. You can be confident enough if you are well-prepared.


While driving along with the observer, because of the stress and fear that the observer is watching all your moves, you may get distracted and do mistakes like failure to notice the green light, not stopping at the stop signs etc.,

Defective Car

When you are ready for the practical test, ensure that your car is defect free and is roadworthy. Also be sure that you have got enough fuel to complete the test.


If you are following the vehicles too closely, the observer may fail you. Drive the car in correct speed to avoid applying brakes all the time. Don’t increase your speed because of peer pressure. Downhill stretches can be more difficult so, take extra care in your driving speed.

Perform Head Check

You need to perform head checks when you change lane, merge and such to ensure there are no vehicles, pedestrians or any hazards. Your observer may fail you if you are not performing head checks.


When there is need for signalling, you should do it on the correct time and not too soon or too late. Make sure that you signal for at least five seconds so that other drivers can understand about your moves. If you are not signalling on places where it is required, the observer may fail you in your practical test.

Above all, be on the location earlier enough to know about the location and to calm your nerves.

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