Will You Like to Make Comparison Between Bubbler and Bong?

Both bubblers as well as bongs are water pipes, but there are a number of differences between bongs and bubblers. Both have good utility for smoking weed, but at the same time they are not great for few reasons.

Here we shall try to make a comparison between these two smoking devices. You can get both bubblers and bongs from online smoke shops supplied by Express, who are well known for selling various smoke devices.

Let us compare these two devices under following few parameters:

  1. Size

Any bong can be at least 1.5 to 2 times bigger than bubbler. Therefore, you can keep your bong safely at home.

If you want to carry your smoking device then bubbler can be a good choice, as it is smaller in size and discreet one, which can be easily transported.

2. Style

Usually, bong has a different shape and style so you can place it in your living room as a decoration piece. Bubblers can have much more varieties as far as their style is concerned.

3. Versatility

If you try to make a comparison between bongs and bubblers in terms of versatility then bubblers are considered to be much more versatile.

Let us see the pros and cons of both these smoking devices:


Following are few pros of bubblers:

  1. Smoother hit

Because of water presence, it will offer much smoother hit and produce less cough.

2. Better tasting hit

You will get a better taste as water will filter out most of the smoke.

3. Easier to handle

They are so designed that you will not drop from your hand so easily.

4. More durable

As compared to bong, the bubbler will last much longer.

5. No accessories needed

Bubblers are everything built into a single piece and no other accessories needed.

Following are few cons:

  1. Difficult to clean

It will be a little hard to clean a bubbler as you cannot dismantle them

2. Not customizable

Bubblers cannot be customized as you can easily do with bongs for your use.

3. Get dirty soon

It is necessary to clean the bubblers more often to maintain them clean and presentable.


Following are few pros of bongs:

  1. Stronger high

Bongs can certainly offer you much stronger high than bubblers.

2. Smoke longer

Since bong bowls are much larger, they will last longer as compared to bubbler.

3. Easy to clean

Since bongs can be dismantled and hence you can clean them better as compared to bubblers.

4. More varieties available

You can have plenty of bowls for your same bong and have many variations.

Following are few cons:

  1. Bongs can break

It can easily break if you are using it in a carefree manner.

2. Need frequent replacement

Since its parts can break easily, you need to replace them more frequently.

3. Difficult to hold

As compared to bubblers bongs are little difficult to hold.

4. Difficult to store

It will be bit difficult to store as compared to bubblers.

5. Starts stinking

It will start stinking if you do not clean regularly.

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