Origin of Father’s Day – The History of how it started

Father’s Day is observed to give special gratitude to fathers and father figures who contribute their life, for their children. There is no fixed date for observing this day. However, in many countries including US and UK, Father’s Day is observed on third Sunday of June, while in Australia it is observed on the first Sunday of September.

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Origin of Father’s Day

In 1909, the idea of honouring fathers, for their loving, devoted and selfless service, came to Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane. She was attending a Mother’s Day service at her church in Spokane, Washington, when she had this manifestation.

When Sonora was 16 her mother died. After that, her father William Jackson Smart, who is the inspiration for Father’s Day, was both father and mother to Sonora and her siblings. To recognise the devotion of all fathers, Sonora brought a petition in 1910 before the Spokane Ministerial Alliance. She gathered the support from everyone.

The clergies liked the idea of having a special day for fathers too. Sonora suggested July 5th, which was her father, William’s birthday, to be observed as Father’s Day. However, the clergies settled for the third Sunday of July since, they needed some gap between Mother’s Day, that is observed on the second Sunday in May, and Father’s Day.

Sonora was successful in her efforts and first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington State on 19th July, 1910. Red roses were distributed by young women to their fathers. White roses were used to honour the deceased.

It took really a long time for recognizing Father’s Day legally. But Dodd’s continuous effort made it become popular. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge supported this wonderful idea of celebrating Father’s Day since, it helps establish a closer relationship between fathers and their children.

In 1966, President Lyndon supported and honoured the fathers and in 1972, President Richard Nixon finally signed a resolution declaring third Sunday of June to be Father’s Day, a permanent holiday to recognize the male parents.

So, it is time to make your father figure feel so special with your love, care and compassion. Honour your dad with a personalized gift for this Father’s Day.

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