Mastering the Sheer Fashion Trend: What Lingerie to Wear Underneath

Sometimes, those sexy, stylish lingerie are too beautiful to hide under your clothes, don’t you agree? Give sheer dresses a try. With the right under things, maybe a high-waited brief or a lacey bodysuit, the whole ensemble can look sophisticated and not skimpy at all.

But, navigating the world of floaty chiffons and gossamers is tricky. So, here’s a rundown of thedifferent lingerie sets that go well with sheer fabrics.


Maxi Dress

If you’re going to a formal occasion but still want to wear a sheer and daring outfit, go for a lingerie maxi dress. It’s a full-length undergarment with a plunging neckline, high slit, or sexy cutouts that show just enough skin to tease the senses.

Nude Slips

Nude slips have a reputation for being old and outdated, but they serve updated functions these days. Aside from creating an illusion of wearing nothing under a sheer dress, they prevent its fabric from sticking to your skin, keeping your garments nice and flowy. Choose one that’s seamless, snug-fit, or with decorative accents.

Teddies and Bodysuits

Teddies and bodysuits are versatile pieces of lingerie. They’re sexy, elegant, and very comfortable to wear. These intimates are also formfittingand offer more coverage than lace bra and panty sets. They’ll make you feel beautiful and confident without showing a lot of skin.

Lacey Bra and Panty Sets

Celebrities love lacey bra and panty sets under sheer clothing, and they’re probably the most coveted lingerie to use as outerwear. Their interesting patterns instantly draw attention, and their stretchy fabric hugs the body, accentuating your assets while being breathable and comfortable. They also offer good coverage, so they’re perfect to wear beneath something revealing.

Colorful Sets

If you’ve got the confidence to flaunt your lingerie, why not go all out and pick the prettiest and flashiest of them? These fancy sets will look bold and beautiful under sheer fabrics; just make sure to choose the right combination of color, design, and texture. For example, if you pick a white see-through dress with lots of embroideries, don’t get lacey neon underwear. Their patterns will clash, and it’ll be visual chaos. Pastels work better with light hues, and plain intimates complement garments with elaborate details.

Rep the see-through style with these fun, sexy, and flirtatious undergarments. Time to let the maxi dresses, nude slips, and lingerie sets out of the boudoir!

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