How Recyclable Bags Changes from Thrash to Useable Commodity?

Few decades back while using single use plastic bags, the user never thought whether it will ever get destroyed once it is thrown in garbage. This unawareness led to pollution of surroundings. The usage of non-recyclable things has harmed even our water resources. Thus, the need to use recyclable bags has been widely welcomed as a respite to save nature.

What exactly are recyclable bags?

The bags can be used many times and even after their wear out can be recycled to make a new item or once again becomes a new bag to use.  However, bags of these kinds last forever thus they are also fondly known as ‘bag for life’. These bags have now replaced single use plastic bags, and thus you can see more of them everywhere globally.

Why importance is given to recyclable bags compared to single use plastic bags?

Recyclable bags are made from natural material as well as from recycled plastic elements. These materials are strong, easy to maintain and quite durable to last many years. Moreover, they are ecofriendly unlike the single used plastic bags made from crude oil extracts. The process of making the plastic material wasn’t friendly to atmosphere, thus must be stopped totally.

The natural elements like cotton, jute, bamboo fibers are weaved together to design the reusable bags. Even non woven propylene material is bonded together to form carrying bags. RPET is a recycled plastic material that is easily processed to customize in the form of bags. All this kind of material can be easily recycled after they are worn out, thus they aren’t thrown in the land fill.

Today, every trader and manufacturer prefer to use recyclable bags as their promotional gift to lure customers as well as to increase their sales. Gone are the days when thick plastic bags were used to pack purchased goods. The basic reason to avoid using these bags is because once they end up in garbage it is difficult to recycle or destroy them.

The kinds of recyclable bags you can anytime use as your promotional aid:

  • Fabric bags: They are the most prevalent as they are cost effective, durable and trendy. Mostly all bags are made from multi naturally available material. It helps the bags to remain strong and to gain an appealing look.
  • Paper bags – They aren’t long lasting however they get decomposed easily. Quite cheaply available and can be customized to print your trade logo without any added efforts.
  • Plastic bags – They are used by easy to recycle processing material like polyester, polypropylene, low density polyethylene and nylon. All equally good to use, eco friendly and easily available in any bag shop.

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