Enhancing Memory Using CBD – How Does CBD Serve As A Memory Aid

Ever since Cannabis has been legalized in many states, Cannabidiol (CBD) products have been the buzz word. Its vast range of health benefits has earned a huge customer base. Alzheimer’s is one of the conditions CBD proves beneficial which got researchers exploring its potential uses on improving memory.

Many have a fear of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. Everyone does have occasional memory lapses but if the memory lapses start occurring often, it causes problems in our daily life. If that’s the case, medical attention is necessary. Many with cognitive health conditions are using CBD along with other prescribed medication.

CBD’s association with improving memory:

Marijuana is known for its mind-altering effects and can result in forgetfulness thus raising the doubt of how it could improve memory. There are numerous cannabinoids found in cannabis among which THC is responsible for the mind-altering effects. CBD products contain pure CBD or only low percentage of THC and results in different effects thus help in improving memory.

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Before purchasing CBD, it is recommended to know about the benefits of CBD and the types of products in the market. If you are considering using CBD for memory enhancement, educate yourself on how CBD reacts with the human brain.

Memory enhancing properties of CBD:

  • Regeneration of brain cells: There is a drop in the number of brain cells for patients suffering from cognitive impairment which is responsible for the memory loss. CBD works by preventing the destruction of brain cells and also promotes neurogenesis – regrowth of brain cells.
  • Reduce neuroinflammation: When there is a brain injury, our body releases endocannabinoids as a defense mechanism to protect the brain. CBD works the same way as endocannabinoids and provides extra brain protection. The inflammation that results from an injury is also taken care of due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Improves focus: Memory loss can also occur due to short attention span. Anxiety and insomnia can affect a person’s ability to retain information. The calming effects of CBD helps a person focus better and thereby remember things better.

Safety of CBD when used as a memory aid:

The medication prescribed by medical practitioners for treating cognitive impairments, you can’t escape the associated side effects including headache and nausea. Among its array of benefits, CBD is also used for treating pain and nausea. Using CBD in conjunction with regular medication serves as a memory aid apart from mitigating the side effects of other medication.

Cognitive decline affects quality of life and add up to a person’s stress levels. If you are currently under medication for any cognitive impairment condition, you could benefit from CBD. Confirm with your doctor if CBD would interfere with any other medication you are taking.

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