3 Things to Know About Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you’ve decided to marry your significant other, one of the first considerations is rings. There are two types of rings that you might decide to buy for the person that you’re going to marry. These are an engagement ring and a wedding ring. At this point, you might be wondering the difference between these rings and if you need both. Here is some more information on the differences between engagement rings and wedding rings in Atlanta.

The Rings

Traditionally, a bride will be provided with two rings. The engagement ring is usually given during the proposal. This ring often features a dominant stone that can either stand alone or have smaller stones surrounding it. A wedding ring is given during the wedding. This is often a plain metal band but it can feature one or multiple diamonds. Wedding bands usually cost much less than engagement rings because they have a lower total carat weight.

Wearing the Rings

The way that an engagement ring and wedding ring is worn is up to the bride but there is a traditional way to wear them. These rings are typically worn together on the fourth finger of the left hand, commonly referred to as the ring finger. Tradition also says to wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring. This places the wedding band closer to your heart. This is how you should wear your rings if you wish to do so the traditional way but it’s completely up to the bride how to wear the rings. The only real rule to follow is the finger that you should wear your wedding ring on.

How Many Rings to Wear

Whether you wear one ring or two rings is completely up to the recipient. If you wish to hold onto tradition, you’ll wear both rings together. However, you might prefer to wear just one ring. This will allow for more comfort and not having to worry about keeping track of two rings instead of one. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to wear your rings. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and that the rings symbolize your love and marriage.

A common question people have when planning to propose to their significant other is about the rings. They usually want to know if they need to buy both rings and how to wear them. These are some of the things that you should know about engagement rings and wedding rings in Atlanta.

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