The many benefits of wearing cotton

Clothing covers us almost permanently form the moment we’re born to the day we die. Something that touches our skin so intimately should be comfortable, soft and good for us. Cotton makes for a breathable fabric that is good for our skin and is used in a huge variety of different garments including underwear, skirts, trousers, jackets, socks and baby clothes, to name just a few. Found in our bedding and our towels, cotton is truly a versatile fabric. Here are some of the benefits of wearing cotton:

With more than 25 million tons of cotton bales being produced annually, it seems we can’t enough of the great qualities of cotton:


Cotton is great for controlling moisture levels. It absorbs moisture and liquid away from the skin, helping to keep you feeling fresher and dry between your skin and your clothing. Cotton is amazing in that it can absorb up to a fifth of its own weight before it even feels damp.


A major of cotton, particularly for those with sensitive skin is that cotton clothes are hypo-allergenic. Cotton does not, or very rarely cause any reaction or allergy. Cotton is often recommended for people with allergies or skin conditions as a safe and comfortable fabric to wear. It is non-irritant which explains its use in medical supplies such as bandages and gauze. Baby clothes are made from cotton because of its gentleness on such soft, sensitive skin.

 A fabric for any season

Cotton can be worn in any season as it has great resistance against a range of temperatures. It can keep you cool in the heat of the summer but is also used for insulation in clothing during winter. Cotton traps air between its fibres, so whether warm or cool, it’s perfectly adaptable. For a wide range of Cotton Fabric Online, visit


Cotton is highly durable and withstands many machine and hand washing. It doesn’t tear easily and has no distinctive smell. It cleans quickly at low or high temperatures and the fibres stick together better and longer than they do with synthetic fabrics. Therefore, buying cotton-made clothing is a good investment as you can guarantee excellent durability.


There is a reason why cotton is used for undergarments – it’s soft, comfortable, breathable and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Synthetic fibres can feel scratchy, hot, stiff and cause rubbing, so choose cotton every time!

Less Toxic

Natural fibres are less toxic than synthetic ones. Any man-made product will have been treated with chemicals at some stage, and who wants that risk sitting next to their skin? For example, terephthalic acid is found in polyester, sulfuric acid in rayon and petroleum is found in nylon! Whilst these materials all serve their purpose for making some things, there’s no reason to place them next to our skin when we can choose natural fabrics instead.

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