Reasons to use eco-friendly coffee mugs

Do you deeply and passionately love coffee? Do you not like to show off your coffee cups in your office or at any public place? But you cant because they are not reusable. Now, with a reusable coffee cup, you can do it.  Using coffee cups manufactured by “Sttokes,” you can have your coffee in the most elegant yet reusable cup.

Listed below are some points that will excite you to switch on cups offered by Sttokes:


Using reusable cups allows you to contribute a bit towards creating a positive impact on the environment. You will be able to promote protection pf earth and better health around you. Little efforts, if put together, can make our planet clean and green. It will also result in minimizing landfills that are deteriorating our habitats and oceans.


You can have coffee in a beautiful reusable coffee cup that no paper cup would ever be able to match. You can own an aesthetically pleasing cup to have coffee every day.

You won’t consume harmful toxins

Carcinogenic chemicals are produced by the glue of plastic or a disposable cup that can get mix with your drink. Over time, it becomes very harmful to your body. It can result in disturbing your hormones, creating some medical imbalance, or it might turn cancerous. Using reusable cups can offer you a healthy body.



each coffee cup manufactures at Sttokes is meticulously designed to give a perfect blend of attractive design and technological advancement.


These coffee cups are made of Greblon ceramic, which makes it shatter-proof. These are light in weight as well, which makes it easier to use and carry wherever you wish to.

Spill-proof Lid

It has a double-layered rubber grip, which makes it leak-proof and it avoids unwanted spillage also. Coffee stays hot for 3 hours.

Annually 6.5 million trees are cutting down each year in making of paper made coffee cups, gallons of water and energy is getting wasted in the manufacturing of it. it’s an ongoing environmental issue that requires attention and solution as well. Manufacture and disposal of coffee mugs have negative impacts on our atmosphere, which is leading to pollution, global warming, and much more. now is the time that we should seriously take charge of our planet to keep it healthy and safe for the generations that are yet to come into existence.

Sttokes offer premium reusable coffee cups that are made of stainless steel and ceramic, which protects not only health, body, but also our environment. Accepting and implementing small habits such as using a reusable coffee cup in our daily life which can make our earth green and clean.

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