How to Get the 60’s Fashion Look – the Complete Fashion Guide for You

Fashion has always been transitional and ever changing. At times, you will get to see the comeback from other decades is great hits. One such hit is the fashion of 1960s. 1960s had the best of designs, style and class.

Understanding the fashion type

60’s fashion was all about youth centric, and hence the styles are diversified and always catch attention. This era saw a marked rise in fashion consciousness among all age group of women. From teenage to adult demands and supply of different and unique clothes were high.

Not only females made a style statement of their own, but also, they were open to experimenting. From feminine look to androgynous looks all were accepted and praised in majority of the popular fashion shows.

It was the decade of both sophistication and revelation. Unique pastel colours with elegant dressing and loud colours with skin show, both were equally famous.

60’s fashion was bipolar and it was all about bright colours with swirling patterns. From psychedelic, tie shirts to short blunt hair everything was about style and being chic. Women broke away with the stereotype and were seen wearing unbelievable short skirts with tuck in shirts. That era was like a fantasy land and undoubtedly a favourite of most of the fashion designers.

Coloured Tights

Those times saw the most usage of coloured tights with all types of clothes. The main colours were white, red, black and purple. You can also see them in fishnet or lace designs. The idea of making these tights were to cover knees and not look too explosive.

From sheer stockings to pantyhose all were perfect to wear it and were saviour to any women’s legs. Whether dark skin tone or light skin tone anyone can wear it.

Pant suits

Proper pair of pant suits first began in 1960s. The previous pant suits were ill tailored and had more male look to it, since it was directly copied. 1960s saw a twist in the tailoring and colours. The cut was customized to make it more feminine.

Soon it was talk of the town and heavily covered by all types of magazines. Women flocked to get hand on this. If you want to recreate the 60’s look you cannot go wrong with the pant suits. This is one garment and less hassle to mix and match.

Shift dress

Shift dresses were loved by everyone and even now it is an all-time favourite. From comfortable wear at home to running errands or even relaxing on a Sunday, you can slip in to it at any time. Obviously, you cannot wear them to office since it can be too short for any office premises.

You can wear it at any age. You can accessorize them with big bows, add collars to enhance the feminine look. Pastels and polka dots look timeless on everyone.


You cannot go wrong with the go-go boots since they were iconic. Usually these boots are either white or light in colour. This instantly gave a classy look to the whole outfit. These boots come with kitten heels. Not only they are comfortable, but also you can wear them with almost any type of clothing.

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