Several strippers, escorts, and various other sex workers undergo cosmetic enhancement and surgery to improve their looks.  Having lips injections, fake tans, eyelash extensions, fake hair, and breast implants is common among escorts and this will all depend on what you want and how exactly you want to look.  Most women tend to undergo surgery so as to become the fantasy women that their clients are looking for. It is undeniable that men will always turn their heads or pump into a pole whenever they see a sexy woman pass by.

Having escort services such as Escort 92 helps clients to escape the daily stresses of life and fulfill some of their fantasies with sexy women who have undergone surgery.  For the client to escape from the reality of life, they need t to be with a woman who is completely different in terms of appearance and how they dress as compared to the everyday woman they have back at home.

Different clients have different versions in regard to what an ideal fantasy girl looks like. Not every client want the stereotypical vixenlook in their women, some clients prefer the everyday or natural woman look.  In general, the taste of men in terms of what they desire their woman to look like is different. Depending on what the majority of your clients are looking for, you can opt for plastic surgery and get that killer look.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that having a smaller waist, bigger boobs and bigger lips will get you more clients.

Always try to find out from your clients what made them come to see you. You may find out that some may come to you because of your curvy body and big boobs but others come for different reasons such as the way you conduct yourself and how you treat your clients or the kind of escort services that you offer.

There are many things that make a woman desirable and these things are beyond her looks. Although physical appearance is very crucial to a woman, your personality is also important as an escort so that you may be able to keep decent clients and you will always see them coming back over and over again.  Additionally, you may never be perfect as a woman and that you may not be able to attract all men to you. For one man having a big ass is ideal for them while for another getting a woman who is less curvy is ideal for them.

Generally, most men are always seeking to create a mental and emotional connection in addition to the physical beauty of a woman. Any decent man knows that beauty is beyond the body assets that a woman may have.  As a woman, you need to realize that the sexiest thing you can have is confidence in yourself and this can only come if you are comfortable in your skin.

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