3 Tips for Choosing Plus Size Wedding Dresses

While there’s an array of plus size wedding dresses, the selection process can be difficult since there are many considerations. More importantly, brides want to ensure that they’ll look their best wearing the garment they’ll choose. Here are 3 tips to consider when searching for an outfit for one’s special day.

Ignore the Sizes

Bridal dress sizes usually differ from the ones for everyday wear. So, it’s best to ignore the tags and pick something that fits just right. For individuals who have smaller upper or lower body parts, altering their chosen garment is advisable.

Go for Ruches

The overlay of fabric strips not only supports and adds more structure to the dress; it also masks love handles and makes the wearer appear slimmer. Ruches that have asymmetrical patterns and are gathered on one side work best when it comes to creating this effect.

Try Different Styles

Dress styles can make or break one’s look. Brides should choose a design that fits their body type best because the right one will enhance their appearance. A-line variants are popular for all shapes and sizes since they provide cinching at the waist and hide areas such as bellies, hips, and thighs. Meanwhile, individuals can also opt for the following:

Ball Gown

Brides who choose this will surely feel like they’re in a fairy tale since this design is reminiscent of the ones worn by princesses. What’s more, ball gowns are ideal for individuals with slimmer torsos and curvier lower bodies as they completely cover the legs, create an hourglass silhouette, and draw the eyes upward.

High-Waisted Empire

These dresses have bodices that end under the bust and a flowy lower half, which will hide the stomach. They also give the wearer an option to make their chest more or less noticeable. Sweetheart and plunging necklines are ideal for individuals who want to highlight their assets while square ones are good for those who prefer not to.


This fitted style gives individuals an hourglass figure, but some plus size brides stay away from it as it accentuates the abdomen and hips. But, this problem can be solved by using shapewear because the stomach will be pulled in. One can also ask for a mermaid gown made of a thick fabric since it’ll provide sufficient coverage.

Additional tip: those who have beautiful legs will benefit from choosing a short wedding dress since they can further emphasize their assets. Plus, it’ll allow them to move around and dance more comfortably.

With the right outfit, brides will look amazing and feel confident on their big day. There are online stores that have a wide collection of plus size wedding dresses. Their products come in various designs and fabrics, so individuals will certainly find their perfect matches.

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